Femme Fatale Behind the Scenes

Working with the talented and quite entertaining characters that participated in the Femme fatale project has been quite fun. Creating priceless memories some of which photographers Amleya Clarke and main BTS photographer Remington Forde catched.

The  BTS pictures can found in a gallery via this link.

Femme Fatale 2014 behind the scenes

Thank you so much for taking the time to see the makings of our journey during the project.



Femme Fatale


As a child growing up I was always fascinated by the sophisticated actors tastefully done set, fine clothing and iconic branding of that which is James Bond. In each movie there was always a fierce woman. Who by definition either damsel in distress or accomplice she was categorized as femme fatale dictating the sophisticated glam trend for the era.

Being inspired by this I decided to try to create a platform for which designers and models can display their best by doing a collaborative series of pictures with a high fashion editorial feel. Drawing from editorial esthetics; keeping in mind the strong femme fatale persona and our Caribbean roots, we attempted such with our limited budget.

Creative partner Amleya Clarke of   http://amleyaclarkephotography.co has been such a corner stone in helping  me “Live the Fantasy” and achieve as much as we did and I would like to take this time to thank her for assistance and it is an honour to work with such a talented and dedicated individual.

Working along with photographer Shawn Feilds of http://shawnfields.info as the secondary head photographer and Remington Forde our behind the scenes photographer and Daniel Boxill our Graphic artist and editor. All talented individuals worth their merit we able to achieve the dream of producing a high quality product that many of us longs to do.

If you have not seen our project of Femme Fatale I encourage you to click the link below.

Femme Fatale 2014

Livey the Fantasy

Live the Fantasy with Alphaeus Makeup Artist

Over my journey as a makeup artist for the past three years honing my skills in makeup artistry I have expanded my skills in so many area but I cane realise that my biggest issue was self confidence and being able to assert myself to others.

During the past year it was very difficult for me as makeup artist and and person having to overcome many obstacles life presented most of which were financial. But during this time I found my self and gained so much inspiration which has been a blessing. Being resourceful and achieving all what I have done through this year with what little I may have has taught me much.

Photographer, Amleya Clarke edited the words “Live the Fantasy” on an image and everything clicked. I’m a person who always likes to fantasize about my dream job and where I would line to be within the nest few years as person.
Why don’t I fulfill my fantasy by fulfilling the fantasy of others? The average woman wants to look her best at ever special occasion in her life no matter how big or small, and I can be a part of that. Either it be providing them with my expertly applied make up or simply giving advice here on Alphaeus Makeup Artist on trips and trick to apply a simple look for them selves.

Now that I have found myself I can live the fantasy and become your ‘Alfie-godfather.’ I can help you achieve your dreams.